We are creating craziest but meaningful moment of a lifetime

ADVENTURE INDONESIA®  specialize in CUSTOMIZED team building program  that synchronize with your corporate needs and objectives. We are ready to be your professional outsource partner for your company outing and team building training event, always ready to customize and even hyper-customize for the best result in indoor as well outdoor event activities. You decide how far the breakthrough you want to get in the event. And we will design the best program and most suitable facilities to make sure your goal achieved. We guarantee our commitment to only provide you with the best professionals service !!


Come and join us, enrich your human capital resources, in our amazing corporate team building program. Our team building and outbound training program reveals many varieties of terrain, sea, beach, mountain, and lake. We can organize venues that synchronize with your needs.

Team Building Event is your best choice for unwind and ‘Pause” of the office routine

We create TAILOR-MADE PROGRAMS that fit to your requirements. Our Project Officers are specialists at helping you choose which activities will best suit your company needs. Our activities options provide the perfect platform on which your team can build strong bond through shared experiences, fun activities and friendly competition. The variety of these team building activities means there is a ‘room’ for everyone to enjoy, know each other better, and make your life inspired with thousand innovative ideas that suit to everyone. We successfully deliver hundreds of corporate events and, team building training, both national and international, all planned and well managed by our friendly team expert.


Bale Yoga no. 1, Jalan Kertha Lestari, 
Sanur, Bali - 80224
Ph : + 62 361 8497647

(+62) 0813 8063  7491


Jalan Guru Serih no. 38, 
Kalisari - Jakarta - 13790
Ph : +62 21 29383301



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