Adventure Indonesia Corporate Team Building is all about providing you and your 'team' with unique indoor and/or outdoor activities, helping to create fun and exciting Team Development.


ADVENTURE INDONESIA offers various exciting activities for Team Building events & getaway through creative games or simulation which contains unique points of learning and values orientation. The Team Building programs designed similiar to your corporate inquiry in Experiential Education method. Play in one of the following beautiful cities, or somewhere else your choose in Indonesia - we'll customize simulations especially for your corporate team.

We do believe that human capital is the most valuable asset of every corporate and the basic foundation to achieve success of the corporate. We always focus to create healthy environment in your corporate and among your employee. This team building event gives everyone in your group the opportunity to explore their passion, creative and artistic sides, plus their ability to build harmonious-effective relationship skills among others.


Our activities options provide the perfect platform on which your team can build strong bond through shared experiences, fun activities and friendly competition. The variety of these team activities means there is a ‘room’ for everyone to enjoy, know each other better, and make your life inspired with thousand innovative ideas that suit to. 


Some advance distinctive objectives like effective communication, leadership, personal development, also become our focus on the program.

Some advance distinctive objectives like :

effective communication, leadership, personal development, also become our focus on the program.